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Business Proposal

Loca Tapioca

A acadmic project with Sophia Paudel, Caitlin Wagner
Snow Liang edited the original version 

Sweet, silky, and enjoyable tapioca pearls.


In recent years, people around the world are becoming increasingly fascinated by Asian culture, not only influenced by the K-Pop trend but also the taste of various Asian cuisines. Bubble tea, the iconic Asian Drink, which originated in Taiwan, is using a unique approach to connect people with the same interest. This brings us to the desire to develop an innovative bubble tea chain across the nation that enables people to get their favorite bubble tea along the road. 

The future of Drive-throughs is bright, and it is going to bring massive potential to the market by utilizing the Brand.  

The idea of bubble tea drive-through already exists, but people are calling for it to grow larger. 

Loca Tapioca aims to fulfill the market for drive-thru boba by becoming the biggest boba tea chain nationwide.

Loca Tapioca promises to provide the most authentic bubble tea experiences with the best quality.


We will reimagine the boba experience to contain a unique menu of remarkable drinks with great tastes, along with Asian-inspired snacks, with a Drive-through Store Design; made for consumers to enjoy anywhere they want.

loca tapioca MOCKUP.png
locatapioca MOCKUP.2.png
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