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Loca Tapioca

May 2021, branding project    

with Sophia Paudel, Caitlin Wagner

Bubble tea is the drink that brings us happiness -- it's the drink that is marked in our DNA (as Asians like me)


Worldwide, the bubble tea market is still growing fast (according to 2022 analysts and 2023 predictions) and still has enormous potential in the future. The way bubble tea connects people is so fascinating -- through the interest in Asian culture. Developing one innovative bubble tea chain would allow bringing more people together with a love of bubbles and establish a well-structured business model. 

Loca Tapioca aims to fulfill the market for drive-thru boba by becoming the biggest boba tea chain nationwide.

Loca Tapioca promises to provide the most authentic bubble tea experiences with the best quality.


We will reimagine the boba experience to contain a unique menu of remarkable drinks and Asian-inspired snacks within a classic cafe setting and a drive-thru for consumers on the go.

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