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Outsider Insights

Pieces of ideas come out from SNOW’s mind.



Color-- be in one shade. 


The appreciation of colors varies for everyone, but you must choose a shade within a specific scheme that resonates with you the most. 


Make it harmonious. 

Make it coherent.



Shape -- the simpler, the better.


Remember to be dramatic, be like in the future. Find a shape that fits your body the best but magnified/minimized however you like. 


Thinking yourself in a highly blurry version, then decide to go with some basic shapes. Playing with them, piecing them together, and erasing some angles.


Be honest with yourself.

Be confident in your figure.



Attitude -- make us stand out from the crowd.


Go to the wild and experience adventures. Let all the sensations from the natural give you confidence — touch by the flesh and feel inside the soul. 


Let it be fearless.

Let it go crazy.

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