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Jan 22, Academic Record

Let it be your shadow


You are beckoned to practice it -- 

day and night.

You always bring it with you -- 

no matter where you go.

Ultimately, it’s your most accountable friend to accompany with.

Let Fender Stratocaster be with you forever, like it's your shadow.


-- Let it be your shadow.

-- Fener will always be there for you.

New Interface experience

Pop-up landing page design

The idea is to have unique yet unforgettable experiences with the Fender website.



Call to action


By pushing different buttons on the screen, and playing different styles of music by Fender.


Select the piece of music according to your scrolling vibe, the page will have a piece of background music played by Fender.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 10.25.00 PM.png

Partner: Cassiana Pozzi