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tell me: 

does every time when you finish a bag of chips or popcorn, your hands get dirty.


my friends, don't let those beautiful nails be the victims of that debris


and you definitely don’t want to smell like a bag of chips. 


here is one solution for you -


have a pair of chopsticks


it’s not that hard to use and you can get it for under 10 bucks with a special holder at Amazon. 


i know you want to because, at the same time, you are looking gorgeous in it.


never again eat like a bear and you want to be elegant with your ideal dates.


and i know it might seem strange…


but you know what?


screw that -


nobody defines how to eat snacks and nobody will, it’s just you are different, you are unique. 


enjoy your happy time with them, trust me it’s worth of trying and you will love it eventually.

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