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Mar 22, Academic Record

and have fun



Streaming was first brought to the world in the late 90s,

and it didn't become "mainstream" until the past few years. 

Binge-watching no matter what kind of show all night long until dawn, 

ordering some burgers or pizzas paring with some soft drinks or beers--

We've all been there.

Let the feeling of loneness and emptiness go away,

find the right group of people and start a conversation about our trending shows--

We feel better now.



Your favorite shows make you think and ask questions.

Who’s the murderer? What’s in the box? Who’s going to get the rose?

Let's find out before Google put it on Wikipedia.



- Seamlessly discuss, interestingly fun.


Wait... what? She is not marrying him? I can't believe this!

Personally, I don't think he is the killer.

Here are the hidden truths about the show:

Digital Social Interactive Idea & Streatgy

Add-on feature to the mobile App

Create a chat room section on the streaming mobile App and promote the new feature. 


Call to action

Pop up an advertisement in front of the landing page, including the App QR code with the discount coupon for the subscription for the first month.

Design Detail

Letting people discuss & talk about the series they watched on the Streaming Platform.

Before entering a chat room, require users to have an account.


- Link to their Social Media account like Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

- Allow creating user name/ watching preferences and basic description of themselves.


The most shared/ liked comments or reviews of a topic can receive a 50% membership discount.

(Terms and conditions apply)


Membership option:

-Unlimited series only on the Streaming Platform.

-Unlimited access to movies on the Streaming Platform

Partner: Will Gerretsen

Sample Mockup (Roku)

Will Gerretsen & Alice Liang.png