Ad Campaign

Jan 22, Academic Record

only at theater


Movies have always been good friends to us, and theater is the right match for them.

Whether it's a popcorn movie or a meaningful documentary,

going to the theater is the first option--

and it won't change until VR has taken place of our reality.


Let movies play in the right place, with the right vibe,

and leave us some real good memories with the immersive experience.


Like bread without butter or cookies without milk…
the experience is void of flavor.
Let films actualize their full potential on the big screen.
Movies aren’t the same any other way.

Conceptual Print Idea & Streatgy

Fold-out poster inside of a Lifestyle/Entertainment magazine

What's behind that big screen?

It's the "be at the scene" experience that satisfied our senses.

Ture, when we talk about watching movies--

a bigger screen at theaters gives us a full dimension feeling.


We might've put away those pleasures for some days, it's time to call them back.

Call to action

Includes 2 free movie tickets inside the magazine,

limited quantity,

no limit to which movie to watch but within a certain timeframe.

Share your tickets with one of your friends on Twitter,

your friend can also get 2 free movie tickets with the provided coupon. 


The idea


Reminding people of an immersive environment is essential for movie audiences as it fulfills our longing for a "full potential" experience. 


Social Interactive Streatgy

Add-on Focus on mobile- At a show

We mute our phones while enjoying the show.

But our friends & families, or even our loved ones might not know

what we are doing at the moment and why we haven't replied to their messages. 

What if we add a new "Focus" to our mobile and show where we are at?


The "Theater Mode" features automatically share your status --

an extension of the "Do Not Disturb" that silences notifications. 

You can still choose who is visible about your status,

and it's a simpler way of telling someone what you are doing.


Design Details


-A movie-themed sign to inform correspondents what film you are seeing

-An interactive button of "explore the movie" will also be shared in chat to engage the prospective consumer

-Randomly selected individuals will be additionally prompted with a BOGO movie ticket for engaging with the Ad

Partner: Quinn Gierach