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Ad Campaign - pregnancy test

Mar 22, Academic Record

The Faster,
The Better


When it comes to the answer of "yes" or "no"

We want to know the result as soon as possible.

Whether yes or no, 

we can only take action after knowing it.

One thing to say

First Response has been there as always, 

delivering accuracy with the speed of satisfaction.


Priority-delivered food,

next-day arrived packages,

2000 Mbps Wi-Fi,

and 5G cellular service...

accelerating speed is the name of the game.


The faster, the better.


The speed of lights, AKA our standard.

Slow and steady wins the race? Not today.

Digital Print Ad

Partner: Oliva Tripoli

Interactive Strategy

Under the @FirstResponse Social Media account, start a discussion/conversation on self-care.

A link directs to the First Response community page,

and users can have their answers after registering/logging in.

Call to action

Addressing content spreads self-care, and it's a community-based discussion focused on building a better relationship with women and their bodies. 

Provide the link to the National Women's Health Network below the Community page, which will be holding life/virtual events each week/month, letting people know each other and have a chance to talk about their journey of health & more.

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