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Born and raised in Beijing, I embarked on a journey that transcended borders. Growing up, rhythmic gymnastics fueled my childhood passion, but my fascination with Western culture, ignited by music and movies, drew me toward a broader world.


This pursuit led me to Beijing Technology and Business University, where I delved into Economics and International Trade. In 2019, my adventure took a transpacific turn as I transferred to Loyola University Chicago to explore a new frontier—Advertising, and finished in 2021.


In the vibrant city of Chicago, I honed my creativity and strategic mindset, weaving a tapestry of skills essential for success in advertising. Today, my story blends Eastern roots with Western influences, shaping a unique perspective ready to leave a mark in the dynamic marketing realm.

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I am an Ex-Dancer, Fashion Lover, and purchasing enthusiast.

My expertise sectors include Retail, Nonprofits, and Technology.

By providing useful insights into the industry and helping businesses adapt to the changing environment, we can build a better and stronger brand that will flourish in the long run. 

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